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Technology FAQ

Will Waterfront Learning provide a computer?

Waterfront Learning partners with some school districts to provide equipment to our students. In addition some of our partner districts provide their own hardware to students. Please check with your home district to see what options are available to you.

My home district has indicated that Waterfront Learning will issue a computer. How does that work?

Waterfront Learning will send your equipment directly to your home district. You will pick it up and return it there. Each set of equipment consists of Dell or HP laptop, its power adapter, a carrying case, an external mouse, and a headset. Each computer comes preloaded with the required software necessary to complete most online coursework. Additionally, it includes software that allows Waterfront Learning Technical support to track the computer and to remotely assist you with technical problems.

Does Waterfront Learning provide Internet access?

If you are issued a Waterfront Learning owned computer, you have the option of an Internet reimbursement of up to $35 per month, payable quarterly. A cellular modem device may be provided by the program upon district request.

Unfortunately, Waterfront Learning cannot provide Internet access to students not using our computers. State and Federal regulations require us to filter Internet service that we provide. This is done with software pre-installed on our laptops. We are not able to comply with these regulations without this software.

If there is a Waterfront Learning filter on the computer, what does it block?

The filter is configured to comply with relevant state and federal regulations. Sites it will block include, but are not limited to, social media, games, and many forms of email.

I cannot access my email because of a filter.

Please contact Waterfront Learning Technical Support at [email protected] or 412-394-5900. We will be happy to set you up with a program issued e-mail account and point communication associated with the program there. We may also be able to allow you access if you are using an email address provided by your home school.

What is/is not allowable to do with the computer?

You are required to comply with your home district’s acceptable use policy. If you are using Waterfront Learning equipment or Internet access, you are required to comply with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit’s acceptable use policy.

How do I know if the computer is ready for online coursework?

Please review our systems requirements information when using your own computer.

Some of our electives require extra software. For the most part this software is available as a free download for part of the course.

Can a tablet be used for Waterfront courses?

Can a Chromebook be used for Waterfront courses?

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