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Enrollment Questions 
Who can enroll?
Parents and districts are able to enroll a student into a Waterfront Learning course. The district awards the credit, as well as the final grade on the student’s transcript. If a parent enrolls the student, it is their responsibility to request district approval prior to enrollment.

Do I need my school’s permission?
YES! All districts must approve a student’s course if credit is expected. Final grades and credit are awarded by the student’s school of attendance, not by the Waterfront Learning Program.

What about students identified as needing Special Education services?
Students who have a 504 Plan, IEP, or GIEP will be provided a Support Services teacher. Information related to the accommodations and adaptions needed for participation will be requested and reviewed. The program may reach out to the district or parent for additional information. 

When can a student enroll in courses?
Waterfront Learning has open enrollment; a student can be enrolled at any point of the year. For certain programs (Spring Credit Recovery, Summer Enrichment & Summer Credit Recovery) there are specific dates for enrollments. Please see the program specific page for more information.

Where do I go to register?
All parties can register at A valid email address, counselor information, and telephone number are required to enroll. If the parent/guardian is responsible for payment, the enrollment request will not be processed until payment has been received. Tuition payments can be made through PayPal.

Course and Teacher Questions 
How much time should students spend online?
Students have the flexibility to work at their own pace in the online learning environment. Teachers will work with students to develop a pacing guide to ensure course completion by the defined end date. Students enrolled in the year-round program should budget one hour per course per day to start and adjust as needed. Students enrolled in the summer program should budget two hours per course per day to start and adjust as needed. 

Is there a teacher involved?
Each course is assigned to a highly qualified teacher. The teacher is responsible for instruction and the support services of attendance, progress, and performance monitoring, as well as communication (which include emails, phone calls, virtual sessions, etc., as selected by the teacher).

Will students have access to live help from my teachers?
During the school year the teachers hold live office hours at least once per week. If a student is unable to attend the live office hour, they should let their teacher know so that they can make arrangements to hold an additional session if needed, or to have a call to support the student’s needs.
During Summer Programs, while the teachers are not required to have weekly office hours, the virtual tool is available for them to utilize as needed to provide students with live help in a virtual setting. A student can request additional support from their teacher over the phone or by virtual session at any time.

How do students reach their teachers?
Each of the teachers have an email address and phone number that students can use to reach them. Students will be required to participate in two way communication with their teacher at least once a week. This can include emails, phone calls, virtual sessions, etc., as selected by the teacher.

Who can students contact for help with my courses?
A student’s first contact for any questions regarding the work they are completing within their courses is the assigned teacher. If after 24 hours you have not received a response from your teacher, please email [email protected].

What if a student does not pass the course? Will I be refunded? 
There are no refunds for students who do not complete or pass the course.

Regardless of the time of year, all withdrawal requests must be received IN WRITING by Waterfront Learning.

How is attendance monitored?
Attendance will be monitored by tracking the amount of time the student is actively working in the course online. Any idle time in the courses is factored out and only the time actually completing activities is calculated.
Students enrolled in the year-round program should budget one hour per course per day to start and adjust as needed. Students enrolled in the summer program should budget two hours per course per day to start and adjust as needed.

What happens if students do not log into their courses and complete work?
If a student does not log into his or her courses, it is as though they are absent from school. Communication of absences is addressed through the student information system and is available for viewing by parents, students, and district personnel. Board approved attendance policies apply and will be followed by the district.

What can students do if they fall behind in coursework?
The best way to get caught up is to complete coursework on the weekends or holidays. During those days, no additional work is assigned, and you are able to get caught up more quickly.

Other Questions 
What is the difference between an Enrichment course and a Credit Recovery course?
Students interested in alleviating scheduling conflicts or advancing studies beyond what is offered in the traditional school day or year can enroll in Enrichment courses. Enrichment courses are intended to advance the student by engaging the student in new coursework and include the entire curriculum typically covered in a traditional school year.

Students interested in remediating through repeating a course already taken, should participate in Credit Recovery courses. Students taking a Credit Recovery course will engage in diagnostic testing to credit a true individualized course aimed at remediating areas where mastery has not been achieved. Testing out of content is not available for English courses or for students seeking NCAA eligibility.

Who can I contact for technical assistance?
Waterfront Learning does provide Technical Support by emailing [email protected] or calling 412-394-4996.
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