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Summer Elementary Options
Waterfront Summer SessionWaterfront Learning is excited to announce new options for Elementary students looking to enhance their skills over the summer. 

Waterfront Learning Drop Ins

Waterfront Learning Drop Ins are short, focused sessions on pressing topics, aimed at teachers and school administrators.
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Waterfront Learning - Instructional Design Plan

Waterfront Learning

Instructional Design Plan

Your roadmap to success for the 2021–2022 school year

Waterfront Learning is committed to supporting school district teams
 as they navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Learning Scenarios

With Waterfront Learning, school districts can embrace a variety of scenarios on the learning ­continuum, and efficiently transition from one to another as their environment changes.


Waterfront Learning Implementation Roadmap

1.   Consultation – A discussion to gather information about the district’s vision. 

2.   Waterfront Learning Presentation – Strategic planning for district specific virtual learning options.

3.   Implementation Meetings – Planning meetings to design and develop the district’s program with the key district stakeholders.

4.   Initial Professional Development – Professional development for the district’s individualized program for administrators, teachers, and liaisons.  Focused on the district’s preferred vendor selections.

5.   Launch – Support from Waterfront Learning as needed to answer questions and collaborate for a smooth transition into the world of virtual education.

6.   Monthly Support Meetings – Addressing needs that arise throughout the school year.

7.    Sustained Professional Development – Strategically planned professional development throughout the school year focusing on student orientation, progress monitoring, quarterly changes and grade reporting, student interventions and planning for the future of the program.

Supports and Building Blocks

Regardless of the scenario, Waterfront Learning can assist school ­district ­administrators to develop and execute any instructional model from initial ­design to implementation and launch. Every model includes a variety of flexible supports that school leaders can use to move along the instructional continuum.


   1    Flexible K-12 Online Courses – Waterfront Learning’s online courses are easily interchangeable within traditional, cyber or hybrid learning models. 

   2    Special Education Services – Students with IEPs are assured modifications and adaptations in face-to-face, virtual or hybrid learning models.

   3    Technology Support & Consultation – Waterfront Learning supports districts leaders as they prepare technology for traditional, online and hybrid learning models.

 4    Professional Development – We train district staff to maximize student learning and quickly transition between learning models and community scenarios.

 5    Social Emotional Learning – Districts have access to transferrable online SEL ­ curriculum that can be used in all models and meets SWPBIS goals around trauma-informed practices.

 6    Support for Families – School leaders will be able to assess student needs and link families with educational, behavioral, health and safety services and resources.

Waterfront Learning is a flexible virtual education program custom designed for your school district. Waterfront Learning enables school administrators to leverage hybrid technology to provide a flexible, rigorous education program economically. 

When it comes to online and hybrid learning, each district has its own unique set of needs and goals. Waterfront Learning, a service of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, has a menu of options that incorporates high-quality courses, online instruction, and professional development at reasonable prices.

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