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What are our schools, parents, and students saying about Waterfront Learning?


My name is Sarah Fry and this is my second year in Cyber School. I switched to the cyber program at the beginning of my junior year due to some medical issues. As an honors student, I found that the classes were challenging and enjoyable for me; and, I enjoyed being able to work ahead. I found the cyber program was a better fit for me so I chose to stick with it for my senior year. The teachers are fantastic, willing to answer any questions, and are incredibly knowledgeable about the classes they teach. The cyber program offers a wide variety of classes in every subject so that students can explore a variety of options and take more classes in the subject that interests them most.

My name is Alyssa. This is my first year doing cyber here at GHS. A few months into this current school year, I was diagnosed with depression and lost all motivation to move forward in my education. As a result, I went from being an A/B student to failing classes and not attending school regularly. In January, I was behind in all classes and considered dropping out. With the support of Dr. Klinger and my counselor, Mr. Fraas I came to realize that I needed my diploma if I wanted to be successful in life. After our intervention meeting that also included my parents and many calls and emails from Dr. Klinger, dropping out was no longer a thought in my mind. I had to be successful. Cyber has dramatically helped me get my senior year on track. I enjoyed the option of being able to stay home to complete my work. When needed, the option of spending the school day at GHS for help was always available. Cyber was not a way to “blow off” school. I had to put in hard work Monday thru Friday and occasionally a weekend here and there to make sure I stayed on target. After experiencing a full year on cyber, I recommend enrolling today. As of this day, May 8th 2014, I am proud to say I finished my senior year early, and plan on attending college this fall. Because of this positive life experience, I have learned I can overcome anything in life if I just put my mind to it. Thank you.

I wanted to inform you that last night our student completed the last of many assignments and requirements for the AIU English Class. I wanted to thank you for your continued help and support with him this past year. I cannot say enough good things about your program in creating success for students like ours. It was one of the most challenging and interesting levels of subjects taught. I learned a lot more about him this year than any other student I have ever taught. He is very intelligent, and sees things that most kids his age would never catch. The program allowed him to grow as an individual giving him the confidence and knowledge to not only learn, but enjoy reading. I really agree with the methods you use to help them learn. The lectures were important in setting up most stories and helped answer the questions that followed. I felt the questions, while thought provoking, were fair and challenging to any student who may need to take this type of class again. Thank you again and God Bless.
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