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Equitable Distance Learning Project – Edgenuity and Odysseyware

March 31, 2020- June 30, 2020
District provides PA certified teacher, technology, and student services

Online learning course offerings or supplement to existing continuity of education programs are available utilizing the virtual learning platforms: Odysseyware (K -2 Spark; 3-5 core content) and Edgenuity (6-12 full catalog).  There is no cost to schools to use these resources.

If your school district is interested in participating, contact Waterfront Learning at [email protected] and we will guide you through the following process.

o   Our team will provide links to two mandatory surveys that must be completed by May 1, 2020

o   Once the surveys are completed, our team will provide districts with a list of content/course offerings available in both Odysseyware (k-5) and Edgenuity (6-12).

o   All of the technology resources, rostering information, whitelists, specifications, templates, install guides, and import directions will be accessed.

o   Once rostering is initiated, districts will be granted access to a comprehensive, free Professional Development Training Portal the offers the following:

=       7- Edgenuity Platform Webinars for teachers and administrators

=       7- Odysseyware Platform Webinars for teachers and administrators

o   Waterfront Learning will support school districts throughout the process.

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